DevOps Engineer - Kubernetes (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Mumbai, India
Work Type: Full Time

Matchlog is a multi-modal marketplace with the power of triangulation and a cargo network that helps domestic and Exim cargo owners in the first mile and last delivery. Matchlog is building highly scalable tech products in the logistics and supply chain domain with an aim to make the operations more efficient and sustainable thereby having a direct positive impact on the environment.

Skills needed:
- Should have good knowledge about Kubernetes (K8s) and Docker  - Compulsory
- Clear with the concepts of Kubernetes Cluster (Google GKE / Amazon EKS)  - Compulsory
- Should have worked on AWS / GCP (Google Cloud Console) and its various components  - Compulsory
- Should have good knowledge about Linux ecosystem / commands (Ubuntu preferred)  - Compulsory
- Should be able to write Docker files for projects build with (NodeJS preferred / JAVA) - Compulsory
- Should be able to write Deployment & Service files (.yaml) for Kubernetes Cluster and deploy and troubleshoot the same - Compulsory
- Idea about Kubernetes Workloads / Ingress / Load Balancer -  Compulsory
- Well versed with various Git terminologies / GCP Artifacts -  Compulsory
- Horizontal Pod Scaling (HPS) in Kubernetes - Compulsory
- Kubernetes Secret and Config Maps - Compulsory
- RBAC (Role Based Access Control) in Kubernetes - Compulsory
- Clear with basic concepts of Networking, Firewall, Load Balancer, DNS, Web Server (NGINX, Apache), VPC Networks,  Shared VPC, Cloud NAT
- Master Node / Control Plane / Data Plane in Kubernetes Cluster
- Manage Stateful Set applications like RabbitMQ for micro services architecture under cluster
- SSL provisioning using Certbot or any similar services in cluster
- Idea about Persistent Volumes (PV) / Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) in Kubernetes
- Idea about Health Check / Liveliness Probe / Readiness Probe for services
- Clear with basic concepts of CI / CD (Jenkins preferred)
- Idea about Cron Jobs and InitContainers in Kubernetes deployment files
- Logging using Grafana / Prometheus / Loki (Preferred not mandatory)
- Monitoring and Alerting in Kubernetes (Preferred not mandatory)

Job Specification:-
- Able to understand the underlying infrastructure, projects, architecture and provide optimised solutions for  the same
- Work closely with the development team to understand the projects and convert each entity to fit under Kubernetes cluster
- Act as a bridge between Development Team and DevOps / Infra Operations
- Manage day to day activities on the Cluster
- Manage deployments on Non-Production and Production clusters with CI / CD server on day to day basis

Note: Knowledge with GCP (Google Cloud Console) is preferred but AWS will also be considered

What is it like to work with us. 

We have a strong bias for problem solving and execution. We want to create an environment to enable our people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. The early engineering and product team comes with vast experience in building highly scalable solutions in the logistics domain. We hope to build a great team that everyone can be proud to be part of. 


  • Matchlog is headquartered in Hiranandani Powai, Mumbai. 

Matchlog is an equal opportunity employer. We are a welcoming place for everyone, and we do our best to make sure all people feel supported and respected at work.

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